City and colour - my girl
Love this song, but it makes me cry beceause i know that my boy would never think like that…

I guess my boyfriend is a dick

I could’ve act like you, and put a smile on my face…

Face down

Wauw wtf just happened! I’m reading the second book of jacqueline carey #phedre omg wtf just happened…. Noooooooo

It all seems perfect… It always does..

night after night - the sounds 

… still don’t know 

~   The sounds
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Monkey majik - hero

Still one off my favorite songs <3

Papa Legba ouvre baye pou mwen, Ago eh!
Papa Legba Ouvre baye pou mwen,
Ouvre baye pou mwen, Papa
Pou mwen passe, Le’m tounnen map remesi Lwa yo!


Papa Legba, open the gate for me, Ago eh
Papa Legba, open the gate for me
Open the gate for me, Papa
For me to pass, when I return I will thank the Lwa!

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